Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oh, To Little Fort We Go

Went to Gramma's for the weekend. Was nice...coulda stayed one more day though.
Called Friday off cause wasn't feelin so hot, and attempted to take Niamh into town to meet Patricia (Danielle's g/f) so she could catch a ride home, but somehow had a miscommunication, and ended up missing her. So, Niamh stayed an extra night, and ended up tagging along with us on Saturday for our canoeing trip.
Canoeing was fun. Mom, Chance, Darius, Niamh and myself took a trip and canoed(sp?) around Knox Mountain with a couple of mom's co-workers. Apparently one of them owns a touring company that specializes in canoeing, and offered to bring anyone from the office & their families out for the day, so we hopped on the boat so to speak. Was lot's of fun, kinda reminds me of riding a bike, once you learn you never forget.
We left from here shortly after we got home, about 4/4:30. Got to gramma's kinda late, but was ok. Had a good evening. Bonfire, and movie.
Woke up the next morning kinda late, but got lunches packed. Chance, Travis, and Ralph were going on a hike up Mt. Baldy, since I told him he couldn't take the truck. Gramma, Darius, and I spent the day at Dunn Lake.
Whilst there after we got back, heard on the radio about a fire on "Kelowna's Westside". So, in a panic I called home, and since mom hadn't heard about it, she said she'd call me back with more info. What a relief to find that it wasn't near our home, but wow, what a scare!
So, we didn't really do a whole lot, cleaned the house a bit. Just the usual though, dishes, sweeping, tidying. Chance cleaned her bathroom, which was nice of him. I did a ton of laundry.
Was kinda nice, didn't do a whole helluva lot of anything yesterday, basically just lazed about the house. Was nice and quiet though, cause the guys kept going for walks and such. :o]
Gramma got stung by a dead bee yesterday, so she was rendered useless, leaving me to cook dinner for everyone, which wasn't too terrible.
Came home...I drove until Falkland, then passed it over to Chance. Darius fell asleep just outside of Kamloops. Got home late...and watched the news, and read Castanet. What a relief my family is safe. Just reading about that fire, n/m seeing pictures, almost brought me to tears.
another day at home...yay.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

I read in the paper a couple days in a row about the fire but they kept mentioning a suburb (or whatever) that I'd never heard of so I knew it wasn't close. =)


Amber said...

The only thing I heard was that one spot thing on the radio that tipped me off to begin with...course, LF is way in the middle of no where's, so we didn't watch the news, or see a newspaper until we got back home.