Friday, July 01, 2005

Canada Day Festivities!

Yes, we decided to brave the traffic, mass of people, and morons out there in general downtown.
We had some fun just wandering, and taking in what they had to offer...Children's section with bouncies, kids kareoke, puppet shows, cake, and lots of Characters for the kids to hug.
Darius met both Darth Vadar, and Chewbacca. His personal favorite. He also saw the Fat Cat from the Fat Cat Children's Festival, and some sort of Dinosaur representing something, though I didn't take a close enough look to see what it was.
We got some lemonade, we let him splash in the lake a bit, we walked around the floating stage, and just in general enjoyed the area and festivities before parking ourselves to watch the so called parade. Short, 2 minute blip with bagpipes, veterans, Canadian military units, Ladies of the Lake and Contestants, and the Mayor. Blah...waste of time, that was.
We then decided to find something for lunch. Kelly O's was packed, so we decided to hit up Red Robin's. Was perfect.
Had a good lunch, and after dropping off my friend and her daughter, we came home.
D is a touch on the cranky side...but I'm sure it's nothing a nap won't cure.
This morning I tossed in a chicken (whole) and veggies...and while everyone relaxes and winds down from today, we'll just hafta wait for dinner to finish off.
Dunno how long that'll take.
I bought this really cool visor that's white with a red canadian flag on it. It's pretty cool. :o]
That was about it for our day so far.
Tonight, Chance and I are taking D back downtown for the fireworks. Oh boy!

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