Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What to Blog...

Well, random thoughts have a way of paving great trenches in the mind.
When I went to work one day, it was a comp club meeting day, and so, a halfday. Took Sylvia across the street to the meeting, and as we were going, her husband came out to finish walking her there, and she felt a couple of raindrops, and right in the middle of a conversation, she just says, "Ok, I'll see you tommorow amber, bye!" While doing so, she hits the high gear (well, medium in my opinion, but whatever) and boots it towards the door (she hates getting wet). What made this so funny, is that in order to move that quick, she hasta lean back to get her arm to do the leverage. So, A) she cuts off our conversation, and boots it while leaning back to go faster, so it looks cartoon-like in going super fast.
Truck stuff will be over and done with in a week. That new puppy is going back to the pound, but only after dragging 2100 dollars outta me. Fuckers.'ll be over and done with, along with that fucknut chapter of my life.
Am gonna hafta take a few months to pay whatever else I may have groceries, buy a few things for the parents. *shrugs*
It's kinda funny...Kimmie's been with us for a long time now...I can hardly remember a time without him. It's like he's always been there. I find myself asking, is this what it's supposed to feel like when you have a father?
Am making Chance's birthday gift for him this year, I hope he likes it. Will take a bit of effort, but luckily, he's gonna be gone tommorow night as it is hopefully I'll be able to get the majourity of it done then...then just do little bits here and there.
He's asked for outdoor gear this year...Mark's Workwear House gift cards, and Princess Auto gift cards.
man, this keyboard is sticky. ;oP
We put our bed back in our room today, and got D's outta storage. Yay. Sucker left me with all of the laundry to put away, and the tidying up to do in there though, cause he left to go help a friend move. *sighs* I hope he gets gas money for it cause with this last kicker for the truck, it's gonna be a bumpy, but better, month.
Sylvia's invited me to a church function tommorow, so...yay, some of my workday will have to do with socializing with some older ladies. Hopefully I won't be too tired.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like things are going better for you. here's to hoping it lasts...i liked the comparison of sylvia moving fast to that of a cartoon character! what an image!