Thursday, May 12, 2005

What a Find!

Well, we decided, after I called off from work, to go thrift shopping today. Went to the Salvation Army, and Helping Hands, and the malls food court for lunch. Then we decided to head home. On our way home, I decided to stop at MTF (Manufacturers Discount Warehouse), cause I still had a couple of things to buy on request.
Went wandering in MTF and found some new books for Darius' Story Reader! Yay! It's the only place I've ever seen them. The only place I haven't looked is Toys R Us, which they'd probly be there. So I bought him 2 sets of 3 books, and an Accessories thingy that comes with a Carry Case, a Mic to sing along, and a set of Headphones, and an Adapter. Too cool says me!
I'm very happy to blow that money on Darius...I was beginning to think that I'd never find any new books for that thing up here. :oD

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you found that whole kit! Gosh, who woulda thunk?

Anonymous said...

BTW...the above comment is from Ama