Monday, August 02, 2004

Nothing In Particular

I was pondering today what I should say to Chance...or where I want us to go from here.
Why is it that I always feel like I'm the one who's in control.
I've been blog hopping and such, and trying to keep myself busy, and happy. That's a tough one, staying happy.
I got home from work today, and peeked in on D with mom, who were back in mom's room watching a movie. When I poked my head in, he jumped up and cried "Mommy!" He came bouncing over on the bed and jumped into my arms, and told me to go snuggle with him.
Art and Marty were rather cheesed with Chance yesterday when he got home, and proceeded to brag about what I good time he had. They snubbed him because they were pissed that they had to help me move, and they worked both days too.
I'm stomach still hasn't recovered fully, but that's ok, it's on it's way I spose.

1 thoughtful remarks:

ama said...

Sure wish things could be better for all of you. This situation is something you and Chance need to hash over together. You're both strong individuals - as a team, you're formidable. You're the ones standing in your shoes, walking your journey through life. Others can offer their observances, but you're the ones who live it. Sure hope you both find the words you need.