Friday, August 20, 2004

Another Grind

Well, today was okay I spose...back to work, and had to let mom drop-off, and pick-up D from daycare. They had just gotten up when I was heading home from work.
Stupid Shelly, I called to see if my cheque was ready b4 I left from Sylvia's, and there was no answer. So I drove up there, and sure enough, my cheque wasn't in the mailbox. So I drove home, and then called, and the payroll lady(Darlene), bites my head off, then hangs up on me. I'm like...whoa, bitch what'd I ever do to you?
So, now I'm gonna hafta go up there again tommorow just for 88 bux.
We're getting the carpets cleaned Monday mornin. Makin the guys fork out 20 bux to help with the payment, and that way, mom'll have hardly any need to contribute to it. Yay for my connections. :o]
I'm rather frustrated that three nights this week Chance has gone out, and I haven't gone out since before we left for our trip.

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