Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Day Three

I people watched lastnight.
I watched as people seemingly not paying any attention to what they were doing avoided bumping into each other as they charged through skytrain stations. I watched people honestly pay for their fare, even though no one was there to check.
I watched lovers say goodbye to one another. I watched friends greet each other, their faces lighting up as they spotted one another through the crowd.
I witnessed anxiety on professionals faces as they prepared to enter a room of their peers.
I watched the poor beg for money, cigarettes, a place to stay.

Life is amazing when you consider just how many others are living it, through whatever it is that they are experiencing.

I caught the new Harry Potter movie with my uncle lastnight, and really enjoyed myself. Neither of us were in a hurry, and we strolled through the evening streets of downtown Vancouver chatting away the night. It's hard to remember the beauty of this place when you're hustling through, trying to make it to your destination on time. With no other commitments, we admired the lights, and the people, the store windows, and each other.
I'm reminded just how glad I am that in a city of unending bustle, that I know someone who genuinely cares about me, and who's willing to listen to the rambling thoughts in my head.
It's a good day today, and I'm glad I'm here.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Jack said...

I will sometimes visit a larger, busier city then my own and could spend hours on end just people watching and exploring, but it's always nice to go back home where the hustle and bustle isn't so much.

Glad your enjoy your time in Vancouver Amber :)

Nietha said...

I guess your uncle was the only person you saw in town that genuinely cares about you.