Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ah-Ha, Moving, and Rain

I've had an "ah ha" moment at work in the past week. I'm hoping it makes things flow smoother, and that the feeling of floundering that I've been complaining about goes away before I get my training.

Lots of changes on the way. New home to move into. We had a fruitless search up until now, and have managed to find a place about 2 houses down from the school. We will once again be living very close to D's school, and this time he's old enough to walk to school on his own...we just won't let him know we'll be watching him from the edge of our yard from behind the fence. Course, we haven't officially signed the rental agreement, but it's just a matter of getting it printed off and have the landlord's schedules co-ordinated enough to have both of their signatures on it. It's a very unique house, as there are many additions on to the original structure. You know additions, they tend to just spread out around the original structure. The good thing is, that it's close enough for me to walk to work on days where I'm on at the daycare.
Now, all that being said...y'all know I hate change, and I dislike almost as much moving. The end of the month is looming, literally just over my head, and it feels very stifling. I'm only surviving with the knowledge that we will be comfortable afterwards, and that we won't have to do such a shuffle of everything after we get into the place...though we will require more furniture as the kids will have their own rooms, rather than sharing one.
I'm spending my morning in office today, as it's been a rather hectic week.
I've been suffering moments of self can these people look to me for advice and rely on me to refer them to the appropriate agencies? I'm so new to the community, it's amazing that I'm even familiar with what's available. I truly am starting to understand just what a pedestal I am placed on from my clients' perspectives, and it's very intimidating. I still conduct myself respectfully. I still laugh, and chat, and get to know my clients. But I try to hold myself at arms length. For a person as open as I am, I am finding that portion of my duties very difficult.
I am quite comfortable with the knowledge that my hours will be shortened come July. I will be losing a day at the Daycare, which will again leave me with a three day weekend. I'll admit that I am quite happy about that, as I truly feel like I am going too gung ho right now.
At this moment, we are involved in: Clearwater Playschool (President & Secretary) Association, Mighty Mites Softball League, Aboriginal Sharing Centre (I"m running their Craft Tent for National Aboriginal Day, which they are celebrating on the 19th instead of the 21st), Success by 6 Board, and the newly voted in Boyz will be Boyz male role modeling program (that C will be responsible for), the Daycare here, as we;; as YCS where I work. Eventually we will be involved in Boy Scouts for D, and most likely a couple of other sporting groups, as I am anticipating a number of involvement groups as the seasons change.
Combine all that with moving, and anyone can see that I've got a full plate.
Am really trying to make regular visits down to my Gramma's to help keep up the gardening & weeding, as well will be sharing whatever she harvests this year because we weren't able to grow one of our own.
I really need to buckle down and make some phone calls to people who said they wouldn't mind taking our children/child for a bit of time over the summer. I'm really aiming to have a bit of an easier time of childcare with my kids over the summer by asking various relatives to take D for a week/end so that I don't need to be concerned over what everyone is up to and whether or not they're being nice/safe. I'm really glad I have so many relatives who enjoy spending time with D, otherwise I'd probably have some major issues.
I wish I had pictures to accompany this post, but I actually haven't taken any recently, which is a bit of a bummer. Head on over to my flickr page if you'd like to view the latest in my collections.
Most of the newer photos I've taken are of the vibrant colors of the area. It's been like a rain-forest here...almost literally raining everyday for the past month. With all of that rain, the colors really do come alive, and everything is vibrant with life. Of course, this means the mosquitoes in the area seem determined to join together and drain every warm blooded creature in the area until they are the dominating species in the area. My kids have already gotten more mosquito bites this year than that have in all of their years combined! Each and every day I'm administering anti-itch cream, applying a cold cloth, and pouring liquid Benedryl down their little throats. The amount of itching going on in our house is surreal, really. H woke up last night complaining about his foot being itchy and hurting. I turned on the light to discover a grotesque red swollen bump on the inside of his foot where a mosquito must've tried it's hardest to drink the life out of him. No matter how hard we try we just can't seem to keep them out of the house, and I just can't seem to find where they are coming in at or hiding, even though we've all become quick reflexive mosquito squishers. Despite the fact that I have a number of citronella candles, and a whole collection of mosquito sprays, it's impractical to consider these when inside, and that seems to be where we all get attacked. I've woken up many nights because there's one flying round our room in the dark, and manage to squish it once I turn on my light to find it, but who wants to wake up in the middle of the night for one bug...right?
Am rather sick of the rain...of the mosquitoes, and of preparing myself to move. Moving stresses me out. Pray that my nerves settle enough to keep my head on at work.

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Osbasso said...

As for your self-doubts about your one expects you to know all the answers when you first start a job. It's a learning process for you, and everyone before you had to go through the same process. The best way to have success--don't be afraid to ask for help!

Hope your move goes smoothly. I'm off to look at your pictures!