Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spent all of Friday out of the house. Got the boys up and outta bed first thing in the morning and drove Chance to work, then we confiscated the truck and went Yard Saling!
We ended up hitting about 14 garage sales in total (one of them twice, to show Chance something), and we spent about 90 dollars. Afterwards we took D to Game Crazy and bought him a new game as well before heading home. We have too many Wii games...honestly, we spoil him, and I don't like it. Darius spent about an equal amount to my own with all the new toys he got. I'm planning on getting rid of the majority of his old ones when we move, Ronnie wants to have her own yard sale then, so if they don't go there they're getting donated.
I'm hoping to get the boys Bunk Beds for the new place, since it's only a two bedroom. I'm thinkin I may just look for them at garage sales and see what I come up with. I much rather prefer the used stuff, I don't make as much of a footprint that way. It drives me nuts that when someone needs something down here they automatically assume brand new is best...I've seen it in my neighbors, friends and acquaintances. I like the value of second hand, but I also do it to preserve.
Anyhow, we didn't make any huge scores like last time, but I'm content with the clothing, and random items I two clothing drying racks (.50 each!), a new Corningwear Casserole dish w/lid (unopened, $5), a couple of new serving platters, a new Decanter & glass set, Under the Tuscan Sun (the book for only a quarter!), an outside ride-em for Hunter, and random toys.
It was fun. We were out until well after Chance got off, and didn't get home until about 5pm (after leaving at 7:20am). We spent about an hour at home, relaxing, then headed back into town to go visit with a co-worker who just got a new apartment.
We hung out there, playing with their dog and chattin them up , while D played Xbox 360 and such. We didn't leave there until 1am. It was fun :o)
I got my Mother's Day gift on Wednesday this week, it was delivered in the mail (I thought he had forgotten). Chance bought me a matching mug and shirt from tat says Scrabble...It's my word against yours. I like them, I'm planning on taking them with me to the next Scrabble night.
I have some serious laundry to do now...clothes that we bought (went to the thrift store yesterday and bought a bag in their bag sale), clothes that we have (I have 4 pairs of pants that I wear outside the house that are all dirty). The house is in need of a good vacuum, and an airing out (might be warm enough this afternoon for a bit to do that), and mebbe some glass cleaner to get rid of the hand prints. I haven't done dishes in what feels like a week (but I'm sure it's only a few days by now), and I haven't felt like cooking a meal in ages.
We're cleaning t he house today...oh boy.

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