Saturday, November 12, 2005


I hate being sucks.
I hate being sick and pregnant even more. Let's combine never-ending sniffles, fever, headache, and nasuea. Bright idea.
Woke up this mornin and felt the need to do something.
Mom was nice and brought me breakfast in english muffin and a mandarin orange, and a cup of tea. Yum. :o)
So today, the boys cleaned the yard and tidied up the shed, and mom and I just kind of puttered inside. The boys made 2 trips to the dump...and I am currently waiting on double sided tape before I start decorating the house for Christmas...I'm giong to go overboard, I know it.
I'm gonna put a nice display in the front window. :o] Kimmie and Iboth agree we should put a small tree in there with some lights and such. We shall see.
Am currently washing all of our winter stuff...jackets, mitts and hats, and snowpants. Never really occurred to me to do it before...holy schmoley this is a lot of work.
OMG, I was cleaning out a box of old school work and such that Chance had brought in for me to go through, and I actually screamed and scooted along the floor about 2 feet because a big brown spider jumped out at me and landed on the box I had been cleaning out. *shivers* yuck...
I had in total, probly about 5 spiders in total come out of that one stuid box...YUCK!
Mom made us all a yummy lunch, which I didn't have too much trouble eating.
Looks like Chance may be catching my cold...poor guy.

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you're all feeling so yucky...and OMG! spiders?! hopefully you got em all!