Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Do The Math

catching up on readin blogs tonight.
The Cavaliers are playing and Mr has a friend over and they're watching it together, am actually considering napping until it's finished so that I may get a quick snooze in before heading back over to the house (Mr's friend don't drive and lives back in town away from our ocuntryside home) to do some more packing. I'm aiming to load up that truck with as many boxes as I can (I'm talented at packing) and bringing them over tonight. Trying to get all the crap from the upstairs that isn't needed out...leaving behind only heavy furniture that I can't lift down the stairs myself.
Help will be there tomorrow...two friends will be over to give a hand moving said heavy objects, plus MIL will be there to teach me how to spackle. I've never spackled before. In fact, up until we moved into this place I hadn't painted, or "cut-in" the edges either. I rather enjoy it. Anyhow, MIL will be there to help spackle and do some painting touch ups.
Am hoping I can get away with 3 only three trips back and forth between houses. S'gonna make for a long day, I know. I know at least two more trips will need to be made to the BSA Scout Hut where we're leaving all of our Garage Sale donations for their annual Rummage Sale coming up.
We are packing up stuff we want to keep, sorting out stuff for FIL, packing up crap for BSA, and today I packed up stuff to take to a Children's consignment store. Seriously could not fit another thing into that truck, and I was real happy when they had an employee help me carry everything in. It was a lot...toddler bed, potty, boost seat, various large toys, boxes of clothes, you name it.
Did I mention each trip between this house and the one we're moving out of is 20 minutes one way? You do the math on how much time I'll have to do all of this. I'll need a minimum of 3 trips to get the heavy stuff out, the rest I can do myself. 20x2=40x3=120+x(however many more need to be made for various child/food obligations)=one busy day.
I'm so glad someone invented Pepsi.
It's storming tonight. It was so YUCKY humid all day todat, I'm glad it finally let loose.
Found out MIL has a number of photo editing programs on her comp, will need to jack it to go through my pix from the Zoo trip and other various functions I've not uploaded yet.
Fellin better today, not quite as worn out...but am definitely ready for it to be over.
I'm gonna go nap now.

4 thoughtful remarks:

TentCamper said...

WOW.... sounds like a busy day. How all is going well with the spackling and such!

My expressions LIVE said...

When this is all done the Mr...must really send you for a day at the deserve it...xooxox

Jack said...

Don't over do it! How's that finger healing?

Autumn said...

you need some rest honey! busy life girlie for sure.
i've never spackled either, but i love painting. i love the cutting in part actually. hope it all goes well for you.