Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lazy Sundays

After our sale ended yesterday, and things calmed down a bit...we all turned into a bunch of lumps. Drudging our feet from one side of the house to the other, or one floor to the other. We were all bagged out.
It wasn't until I sent D up to his room to grab something that I realized how bad it was upstairs. When he walked out of his room he asked me "Mom, why does my room look like a tornado went through it?" We had emptied off his bookshelf to sell, and had sorted through most of the toys in the room, leaving a gigantic mess behind us, claiming we'd clean it up later.
Well, later had arrived. About 2 1/5 hours after I went in, I emerged from a completely clean & re-organized room. I noticed that when I'm tired I clean at a slower pace...
We ate dinner, which Mr was kind enough to cook (a combo of leftovers & new stuff) for us, and then I headed back upstairs to continue what I had started. I had weeded out a bunch more stuff in the boys' room as I was cleaning, and had left it in our hallway, ready for transport 2 floors down to the garage. I then attacked our bedroom. Cleaning, tidying, hanging up those straggling sweaters (which I'm famous for) that were left on the floor, and weeding through some things that could stand to go. Another huge pile of stuff (mostly bedding) lay at the bottom of the stairs where I had thrown it.
Officially spent for the evening, I headed to bed. I hit the pillow, and don't really recall what happened until Mr came to bed, and complained about his for keeping him awake :o( I don't give him enough credit for his pain. When he complains I tell him to do something about it (which usually doesn't help anyways), and when he doesn't complain I assume all is well, when it actually isn't. Poor guy got hardly any sleep cause of the pain. I guess we're switching places from yesterday.
Business is slow today, giving me enough time to do the dishes, tidy up a bit, get some food cooked, get dinner into the crock-pot, and blog. I'm off to go enjoy the rest of the day outside now. Hopefully we'll be able to keep some semblance of clean as we ready ourselves to move. Hopefully all this packing & shit is gonna get my ass to be a little less jiggly...that would be a welcome reward.

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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Time to get the Mr. those pain meds. And a stiff drink!