Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wandering & Toe Jam

Thank goodness for caffeine. I've been drinking my fair share of it lately, and I'm grateful I have so many things to count as blessings during those times of complete discouragement. I'm nearly ashamed to say that, because it's so juvenile. I'm an adult, I really ought to just suck it up and move one without giving it a second thought. But, what runs through my mind, runs through without me checking it at the door.
To elaborate on the post the other day, about how my brain rambles. It occurred to me that while I was driving (I'm doing a lot of that recently) my brain has a tendency to wander to everything under the sun, and anyone not privy to how my brain operates, would know just how it got there, in a round-about way.
I've noticed that I associate certain objects with certain people, including my blog friends. When I think of:
Dunkin Donuts - Sue
Pink Roses - Berleen
Captain Jack & Harry potter - Janet
Fisher Price - Lois
Russian/Mob references in movies - John Finn
Cowboy hats - Sage
Chicago & motorcycles - Ric
Ribbon pins that raise awareness for a (any) cause - Jodi
Something that is pink - Diamond

In the course of a normal day, all of these things run through my mind, and these people, or things they've said in their blogs that I've read over the past while, will pop into my head and come seeping out my mouth...only to confound those who don't know me so well, and I spend more time trying to explain how I got there, than I do on the original story. I'm lucky if they even acknowledge what I've said at all by the time I'm done.

Something that makes me chuckle:
I've got a big stock of socks for H. Why? Because I've always had a hard time keeping things on his feet. He's always had a tendency to rip whatever is on them, off, and go running, leaving them where they may fall. Now that he's older, he takes his socks off in random places, and each time he does, he checks between his toes for toe-jams. I think it's become an addiction for him, and since I can never tell between the freshly tossed socks from the older ones, I end up just getting a new pair to put on. With this addiction he sheds at least three pairs in one day. Look out if you spend more time out with him cause they'll come off with more frequency out of sheer boredom.
Great, I've got a kid who's addicted to toe-jams. I wonder if they have an Anonymous group he can join. I'm gonna go Google that now...

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

I associate too!

Glad I can be thought of sometime!

Hope your holiday is excellent.

ceecee said...

So how many of those socks does H go through in one day ? ;-P

Your brain rambles huh? What else does it do? My brain rambles as's a tad bit weird.