Friday, May 01, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I do wonder why I put things off for so long, until I just exhaust myself when I rush to get it done on time.
It occurred to me today while I was cleaning that my family has moved each year but one of our 8 years together. I wonder what I should make of that.
Spent today cleaning out the garage, setting up tables, re-arranging our storage/side room to accommodate visitors who wish to look at the piano and what-not, as this weekend's forecast calls for rain, and it's looking like the whole thing will need to be in our garage as opposed to out int he driveway. *sigh* Maybe next weekend we can do it outside instead of in...but of course this could also be a blessing in disguise, it could just be easier to leave it all set up. *shrug* we'll see. I'll be spending my evening putting price tags on everything, and cleaning the upstairs as there's just a huge mess because we took furniture items out that were still being used.
We sold our couch yesterday. Mr listed it on the classifieds, and we got a phone call not more than two hours later. Kinda made me think he sold it for too little, but at least we won't need to worry about it's transport now. We are officially couch-less for the time being. I got tired of sitting on the floor on a pile of blankets, so I hauled up our air mattress today from the basement. It's a king size that folds in half to form a couch. Course, once I blew it up I noticed a huge hole that I'm going to need to patch overnight tonight. At least I know we'll make it worth the money we spent on it.
So, our Garage is full of stuff we don't want to haul with us, and it's very surprising just what we don't wish to keep. It's difficult for me to waste things. I know, selling them to strangers isn't wasting them...we're getting at least some money back from the investment that was made, but when I see something that we bought just a month or two ago I have to resist the urge to snatch it up and say "BUT THIS IS STILL GOOD" (much like that lady in the roll-over minutes commercial)!
I tend to get sentimental over having sales like this, or donating items, because I can remember when we got an item, or the reason we bought something, and it comes back clearly. I can clearly picture every item of clothing in our household right now. I know each item in my Mr's wardrobe, his fav combinations and so on. I know each and every shirt my sons own, and can tell which one they're asking for with one color request.
I attatch all of my memories to an item...and it saddens me to let them go. I don't mind change, I welcome it, in fact. I just don't like good-byes. I've never liked good-byes. Even when my mom came to visit us last summer, I dreaded the good-bye's more so much I found it hard to find things to occupy us with. I dislike knowing what I'm missing because I know that I will eventually forget it's existence, and a piece of me will go with it. That's another huge reason why I love taking pictures so much. They're a visual reminder of what my life has been about so far.
Eventually, all those little things that I've experiencing, or will experience will be put together to make an amazing person. Maybe it already has...but I'd really need to go back and re-read my journal to get an idea of what I was like to accurately judge that one.
In any event, it's a bitter-sweet feeling, saying good-bye to a part of life. I've worked hard to adjust myself to living here. I've helped my family try to fit in, be a part of the community, and have made it through long enough to see that we'll be leaving a hole for someone else to fill when we go.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

Well it'll be alright just like it was everytime before. Saying goodbye is just saying hello to something else!

My expressions LIVE said...

Like they one door closes...another one opens...xoxoxo

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Moving IS a lot of work. Good luck!