Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Is: My Collection

I was really stumped on this week's This Is. Partially due to the fact that nearly everything I own, and may collect is packed away and shipped over MIL's, and partially due to a really full month so far. I really don't have pictures of the things I collect, and that's due to the fact that I really don't consider myself a collector, I consider myself a saver.
In my youth I was infatuated with Smiley Faces and Black Panther's (hence Pantherpaw and Panther's Pad). Strange combination, but true. When I met my Mr he was rather put-off by my collection of both items, and as I tried to accommodate his personality, I got rid of most of these items. I still like them, but I admire them and try not to offend by dredging something home with those things on it. I still have a Black Panther mink blanket that I recieved as a gift on D's first Christmas, and a few Happy Face items like a pencil holder & cell phone charm, but I try not to gather too much cause the style of our belongings don't accomodate for the outlandish and silly.
I also love Arnold Scwarzenegger and have a few DVD's, VHS, and various items. A Biography, a small Mounted Photo of his that's titled inspiration, and a mounted Movie Poster from Terminator 2 Judgement Day. It is my lifelong dream to meet him in person, and though I wish for it, I'm quite certain I would at worst, faint, or at best, be rendered speechless and become a bumbling ninny. I would positively die if I could get the honor of shaking his hand.
I have a collection of Weird Al CD's. A T-Shirt, a Photo or two. He was the first concert I ever saw. I've tried to see as many of his concerts as I could, because he does an excellent show.
I have blankets, quilts, and afghans. I have a blanket that my mom made me when I was a child that has the ABC's on it, a Castle quilt she made for me, a knitted afghan that belonged to Mr when he was a baby, one that was made for H by my Gramma, and one that my mom made me in my teens years. Those have all been toted around the country in my traipsings.
I like pretty hair accessories. Hair bands, hair ties, ribbons, kerchiefs, and beaded hair clips. Let's not forget bobby pins, the decorative kind that have pretty flowers and jewels on them, and so on.
I like nail polishes. Pinks, purples, black, red, beige, nail chrome. I don't often wear them, but I buy whatever color seems to catch my eye.
I have pictures. I have pictures from my high school (before I dropped out) that I have in photo albums, photos from my 16th year on. Pictures that remind me of the life I've lived, the people I've met and stories I hope I can hold on to to remind me who I am, and who I wanted to be. Those also, have come accross the country many times.
While I don't see myself as a collector, I sure do have a lot of life saved up, and they mean a lot to me to keep and pass on because there wasn't a whole of that done on my mother or Grandmother's part. They moved too many times, and were purged or lost, name it. They just didn't have a whole lot of meaningful items to pass my way that could be considered heirlooms or sacred family items. Thus, my "saving" was inspired. I truly want my children to have some memento of me, to know who I was through the things I keep, have a glimpse of me and maybe understand why I am the way I am, why I do the things I do, and know that they were the best things that ever happened to me. It's a bit disappointing to not be able to share photos this week, but, the verbal description will just have to do for now I suppose, after all, it does come with the territory of moving.

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the girl in stiletto said...

wow you collect lots of stuff. but i didn't see the "arnold schwarzenegger" coming LOL. your idea regarding the postcards from around the world sounds so tempting. i'll put some thoughts into it :) will post about it on the blog if it's to happen. thanks for the idea! :D

Billy Rhythm said...

Weird Al's drummer, Bermuda Schwarts, is a very down to earth, friendly guy. He posts on all the web drum forums. He seems always very nice and helpful.

Debbie said...

def a lot of stuff. but i think if most people really look at what they have, they probably have a lot of little collections as well.

~i've awarded you. come get it~

Osbasso said...

I don't have so much of a collection of things as I do junk that hasn't made it to the dumpster...

skywind said...

wow, so much of your collection. :)
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Andhari said...

You have interesting variety of collections. Wow dvd's, why haven't I even think of it? I have tons.

My expressions LIVE said...

I love learning about collection is fire stuff...hmm imagine

Autumn said...

amber, i'm also a huge "saver" of things. my mother passed when i was young so i've carried photos and things everywhere for my adult life. if i go, they go. i'm so happy to have some view of my childhood. it makes me feel so wonderful.

i'm also a saver of things in general. my house is clean, but there are many things here. things i just can't throw away. :) thank you for sharing this.