Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Mr Update

It almost seems fitting, now that I've thought about it some.
Mr had an MRI done on his ankle and foot, and got his results on Monday. They recommended surgery, for which he signed up on a date next week. He'll not be allowed to be on his feet at all for two weeks after wards, and more to let it heal properly. He gave his official resignation at work, and will now be home with me until we leave Ohio in the end of June. It will take that minimum amount of time to heal his foot, and possibly longer.
I've come to enjoy having his company at home, not feeling rushed to do things, packing, and talking about what pops through our minds at that moment. I've laughed a lot more with him this past two months (or whenever the injury occurred) than I have in a long time. It's funny to admit it myself, because it's not something I paid a whole lot of attention to, but we really rather lost our connection in the general hub-bub of normal, everyday life. While we seem to always be doing something around here, we're always communicating, and always have the other in mind when we're busy.
That being said, he's also started to read my blog a lot more, which fills me with a satisfaction I didn't know I needed. My ventures into photo therapy, confessions, and meme's are little pieces of me that I'm sharing with a world of strangers, and I'm surprised how much I bring it up during the course of a normal conversation. I make references in passing, or bring up something that popped into my head reminded by a comment someone left me, or even dwell on a comment while busying myself with something. I put a differnet piece of myself on the blog-o-sphere than I normally present in R/L. It's almost like I have two whol beings in there, cause I honestly can't connect them in my head...though I'm sure those who know me have no issues with that arena themselves. It honestly feels kind of surreal. ANYhow, I've found that it feels wonderfully satisfying to know that my Mr knows what I'm writing, and can banter back and forth with me when I bring it up.
It seems kind of strange that while I've become so open with my photo therapy, I nearly blush each time I go to take a photo of him. I'm embarrassed that I want to share my art with him, or use him as my art, whichever or both. In honesty, my photography is a vulnerable part of me, that I hold in reserve. I consider it a work-in-progress and can only see my potential in a few photographs, as opposed to a whole collection. Really, I'm just a perfectionist. The most frustrating thing I've found with the new venture of exploring photography with Mr, is that he likes different shots than I do. Seriously...drives me insane, and it takes all I have not to shoot some nasty comment off at the mouth about his choice of picture, rather than mine. Silly. In any event, please keep him in your thoughts, for a speedy recovery, and that he heals properly as well. I'm hoping it will all go smoothly, and that we can get back to a normal life with both of us mobile when we need to most.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Andhari said...

I do wish him a speedy recovery for all of you :)

And I like it that you guys use these times to spend time more. It's really sweet, reminding me of my aunt and uncle. My own parents are no example of a happy marriage :)

Jack said...

Hey I've got an idea... give him the camera for a day and let him be the photographer and get shots of you. It would be a fun project and interesting to see what catches his eye behind the lens.

Sending some positive energy off your way Amber. I hope his surgery goes really well and he heals quickly :)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Here's to a quick recovery!

Unknown said...

Funny how the most unusual circumstances bring people closer. It's wonderful how your Mr can really understand and get into what you do. My hubby loves my photos and is amazed at the things I can do, but that's probably because he's so technically-illiterate that EVERYTHING is amazing to him lol.

Wishing Mr a speedy recovery!