Monday, May 04, 2009

H Chuckles

Today was good. I started the morning off (asides from walking D to the crosswalk) by taking H to the library. What a lovely walk that was, I always seem to forget what a nice time I have when I do that route. H watched all of the morning squirrels, and pointed out each bird. He had lots of fun watching the cars, and drinking his chocolate milk in the fresh air. The 1.2 miles walk took me about 25 minutes, not bad considering Google says it should've taken me 22. Talk about refreshing. I'm thinking of calling a friend to see if we can arrange nightly or evening walks. Ice skating is over, we don't do violin, Owls will be over soon, and all that's left is Cub Scouts. Our schedule is open, we can do with it what we will. That feels good.
Had some shopping to do, H needed some sandals cause he out-grew the ones from lastyear (his feet grow much faster than D's ever did!). We hit Payless (he really needed a second pair of running shoes too), and little twirp refused to let me try those shoes on him. Up one aisle, down the next, race away the minute I turned my head to look at a size or style for him. We looked like a family of chickens with our heads cut off. I had to splay him out flat on the floor, and try to keep him still from twisting, to try the darned things on, and then there was something wrong with each pair. One was too tight, one was itchy, one just didn't feel good, and each one went flying as he kicked them off and made a run for it. Eventually we just grabbed two off the shelf and marched to the register. I was putting a box back on the shelf, Mr was paying, and H made a break for the door...and got outside. I chased him, and when he realized I was closing in, he sped up.
WTF is with kids who can do that?! Is that like a natural instinct that all kids are born with??
He had to have already been doing maximum speed, how the hell does he have any way to speed up?? I caught up with him after he crossed the parking lot to the truck and started over the grass to the main road about 15 feet away. Now, it sounds dramatic, but really we were in a dead part about 20 feet straight ahead of the door. The parking lot had one way in/out that I could clearly see, and the store was dead with us being the only customers in it. I was more afraid of him making a break for the main road than anything. It amazes me how well my perriferral vision is when it's needed.
We bought some products to do a detail on the truck (we're selling it if ne1's interested, LOL) today. I had a bucket of water to use with Q-tips to clean the vents, and a few of those expandable towels. H was puttering around the yard being bored, when I offered him one to use to clean his car. Of course he rushed right over to join in. I kept wondering why he was coming back so quickly for more water from my pail, so I decided to watch what he was doing. He'd walk back over to his car from where I was, rub a bit of the wheel, then squeeze all of the water out on the grass.
He noticed me watching him and said "The grass is hungry" then "The grass is thirsty, it needs a drink" Made me chuckle. I always seem to forget what a great thought proccess he has.
I brought him inside because he was wet & kinda chilly, and he had to potty (did I ever mention he says that word like pawty? SO cute). He warmed up a bit, and started digging through my purse and discovered a Tootsie Roll. When I held my mouth open for a piece, he said "You don't like Tootsie Roll Mom" "You won't like it, it spicy".
Seems, I'm rubbing off on him a whole lot more than I planned on. No, I don't writh on the shoe store floor. I meant the phrases he was saying. Schmo.

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Janet said...

Like mother, like son ;-)