Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Snapshots

Today was our first day for our 5 weekend Garage Sale. Yes. You read that right. We've signed ourselves up for 5 weekends of this torture. Stayed up late last night to get things organized, got up early to put some finishing touches and continue bringing things down to add as I weed out & prioritize our possessions.
This shot is of Mr being social with our neighbor while we waited for customers. I'm so glad he got more rest than I. He spent his time chasing the boys, and playing with them outside, while I paced inside and tried to rest my feet a bit.
It was difficult to have the boys in and out of the garage, as they kept asking to keep the toys we had up for grabs, but with a little persuasion they eventually put them back. I'm amazed they didn't get more grouchy, but, overall they were fairly well mannered...up until it was nap time for H. Took a bit, but I did get him down, and he's got much brighter spirits now.
This morning started out rather dreary & wet. The grass was damp when the boys took their first romps in the yard, and they both came back drenched and ready for a snack. Got them changed and fed, but D had a wardrobe malfunction. He was wearing pants that could be turned into shorts by removing the lower portion of the pant-legs. I guess he wanted to look unique because I noticed him running around the the lower portions put on the wrong legs...
The afternoon turned out just fine, bright & sunny, warm in the light, cool in the shade with a light breeze. Made me glad I didn't schedule the sale for longer, as I wouldn't get to enjoy it at all, then.
Next task is to keep packing. The landlord visited today to inform that he would be tossing up the For Rent signs this weekend, and though he's required to give 24 hrs notice before a walk-through with anyone, I'd rather it be clean beforehand, than have to worry about it & rush. So, pack up what we don't need, and be done with it.
One thing is for sure, after today's observations. We sure have an eclectic community. We had people from all walks of life, interested in a large variety of items on the tables. I hope we can get our money's worth from all of this work...if not, oh well. It's definitely worth the exercise. I feel like my butt may fall off from the amount of times I've been up and down my stairs. Who needs a stair-master??

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Nietha said...

it does look like it was a nice afternoon!
hopefully you won't even need the last weekend! wouldn't that be nice