Wednesday, May 27, 2009

U-Haul & Mc-Issues

***Edit, I wrote this post yesterday, but as a storm took out our internet for the night I couldn't post it until this morning***
I'm proud of myself today.
I'm also really sad that I'm turning out to be a (slightly) typical woman *gasp*
I drove a U-Haul Trailer today (in town, I've driven on a freeway for 20 miles once, big deal, straight line) from old house to new, and even managed to back up in the driveway to the garage door (with guidance of course) all for the first time.
I helped get the heaviest items in our house out today, and into said trailer with the help of only one other companion (who wasn't my Mr for once). I wonder if all women thinkt heir Mr's can do anything if they put their minds to it?
I also unloaded said objects into storage area.
I'm tired, but I have some sewing I was aiming to do today.
Few things running round my head I've been meaning to blog about...
Today Mr tried phoning moving companies in the phone book to get price quotes on trailers to aid us in our move, as we'd have too many trips to do with heavy stuff. I guess his frustration with the situation was coming through in his voice and he got some yucky quotes he didn't care for.
When I was finished what I was doing, I phoned the companies and asked for price quotes, and was a bit more specific about our needs. Mr said I was giving them my "1-900" voice over the phone, and therefore I got nice price quotes that were more to my liking. That made me giggle. I was just being friendly, because there's no reason why the folks on the other end of the line should suffer for my yucky day.
I had McDonald's for breakfast this morning. Afternoon came and it hit my stomache, giving me Mc-issues. As it hit me I was reminded of a conversation Mr and I had a few weeks ago that I had meant to blog about but forgot.
Mr has a proccess, he eats McDonald's and 20 minutes later he claims that he needs to take a McDump.
I'm going to add in here that I have a proccess too, but it's not quite that graphic. I eat, get the McRock (that solid, I'm-not-going-to-proccess-that-shit, mass in your stomache), which leads to the McGurgles, which eventually leads to McIssues.
Everytime I think about all of those Mc's just from one meal, I wonder why I keep eating it, and giggle a whole lot cause it just sounds silly.
Hope it made you chuckle, cause it sure loosened up a tight feeling day for me ;o)

8 thoughtful remarks:

Coffee Slut said...

McDonald's is great when you need to drop a few pounds!
Yay @ backing up in the driveway ....I could never do it without hitting something/someone!

Debbie said...

Mc-Issues. Yeah. Thats why I only eat salad when I go there. No more burgers (or other stuff) for me

LarryG said...

definite Mc-chuckles!

and taco bell and it's gut bombs! :)

Kitten said...

I haven't had McDonald's in over a year. I once had their hotcakes and got food poisoning from them. I don't like having McIssues with my food.

Autumn said...

first of all eeekkk on the trailor. brave girl you are! i've driven some big trucks and hucked many a load of boxes from here to there, but i always bring a driver for the big trucks. :) btw...i hate moving. my heart goes out.

the 1-900 voice? i know it well. it can open many doors sometimes. lovely lovely. good on ya girlie!

the mc stuffs? i hear you. the thought of it makes me slightly nausious.

Autumn said...

lol...i should have said "the REALLY big trucks"

Osbasso said...

Hmmm...might have to change my suggestion for your Butte stop...

ceecee said...

That's a true, independent woman right there! That would make me feel awesome :) Now, at times, I must ask for help from my fiance, but other times it feels good to just do it yourself with no help :)

Mmmmm McDonalds...I enjoy their iced coffee.

PS - Don't overwork yourself. If you can't get to things, like sewing or other things you would like to enjoy, it's OK. You're going through a busy time right now, and we don't want to you overdo it :)