Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm finally back

Holy Blog Withdrawl Batman!
We arrived in Omak, Washington last Sunday, and promptly set to unloading ourselves and kicking back a bit. We spent the week there, helping MIL set up, as she has some trouble lifting the mega packed boxes we had. Thankfully, she has a side storage at her house, all for our stuff, so we packed everything in there, and helped her set up uer her stuff in the house. I felt it my duty to both sort through her boxes (and not intentionally set it all up, but at least get it in the general vicinity) and try and keep the place clean. Was wore out, and ready to come home by the end of it, but felt comfortable enough leaving her with what I had accomplished. Unfortunatly the Company in charge of her cable & internet were useless, and she won't be getting online until at least tomorrow. I was suffering from withdrawls, and though I asked many times to head into town for a WiFi location, I just wasn't able to justify it.
Mr found us a lovely 1995 White Toyota 4Runner, with leather interior, power windows & locks, and an automatic so I can drive it too! It's a lovely truck, and he got a wicked deal on it. I was really impressed that he talked them down from $6700 +tax down to $6000 Out The Door. Just really brought to light just how much he's grown since we've been together. Now if i can only keep him from the classifieds to avoid buyers remorse, LOL.
Anyhow, I decided that I wanted to surprise my mom and her S/O. My plan required us to leave MIL's at 6am, and arrive at our house at 9am, and I was shocked when it actually turned out just the way I wanted it to. We left at 6:20, and still managed to arrive just before 9am. Also, just as I had planned, Kim (my mom's S/O) was outside doing yardwork. We pulled up and hopped out, surprising the daylights out of him. After we unpacked and unloaded the truck, we headed to mom's office to surprise her there. Ahh...I love the predictablity in their behaviours. We made our rounds to various friends, before a killer caffeine withdrawl headache sent me back to the house with the kids, while Mr finished some errands that needed tending to.
I'm happy to be home, but see some repairs that will need tending to, if I'm to remain comfortable in the house here. I feel so much older, but I'm not that far gone.
Remind me to post my thoughts about who I am, and who I wished I were while in my youth.
I have pictures, and in all took about 700 on our trip accross the country. Gotta get my mom's computer in fine, working shape before I'll consider unloading my camera first though.
I'm happy to be home, where things make sense, and where I feel like I belong and fit in. I don't mind sticking out like a sore thumb, but I don't enjoy always having to explain my anscestry.
God, I can't wait to visit the rest of my family, but that'll come soon enough. Mom & Kim are off this week, and we'll be happy to be spending some major time with them before we make our hand at a new life back in the same old same old.

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only a movie said...

Welcome home!

Jodi said...

Glad you made it back safe!!

By the way, I'm reminding you ;)

Aimie said...

I am so happy for you!
Your truck sounds great too!

Have a great weekend with your Mom & Kim!

Janet said...

I'm glad you're back where you feel most comfortable!