Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boys' New Room

I had a rough day. I woke from the dead this morning to the kids bouncing in and out of the room, and eventually ppl making their way in to tell me things before leaving. The info wasn't keeping though, and I kept thinking I was dreaming. Eventually I rolled outta bed to find my great aunt here to visit.
I started my task this morning of cleaning out the boys' room of fabric and the like. Mom had turned it into her craft room once we left, and it was crammed from floor to ceiling with fabrics, notions, yarns, and other crafty items. Seriously, you couldn't walk in it. I began to wonder, as I boxed things up, where the stuff would go, if not in this poor little room. I had space bagged all of the bedding in their (double long) hall closet, and had pared it down to a small stack, making room for everything else. I then began filling it with boxes upon boxes of fabric. Once that was filled, I moved stuff into the entryway, and then once that was filled I moved it into our bedroom closet. Now, nearly all of it is put away, but once small shelf full that still needs to be shuffled someplace...god only knows where.
It took me from the time I got up(10), until about 7pm to get it all shuffled around. The boys' beds are now made and their clothing is put away. Once I get that last shelf emptied, that's where their toys will go. I assume it'll be a while before (if at all) that fabric stash gets worn down enough to make it manageable.
I keep finding surprises from when I lived here last. Oh wow, mom, you kept that? You rock!
After doing all of this shuffling and moving, I'm beginning to realize just what a clean freak I really am. Normal people wouldn't dream of cleaning the things that I was cleaning as I was moving stuff around. I blame it on all that training I got from the restoration company that I used to work for.
I'm hoping to get the ducts cleaned (blown out) before the summer ends, and hope that it will help with the dust in the house. The walls are a dusty sort of wall, leaving white stuff on you if you happens to brush against it. So, makes for a naturally dusty environment. All that dust over the years and I figure the air coming out of those vents has gotta be kinda yuck.
Mr is coming down with something. I'm really crossing my fingers that it's not too bad. Though, truthfully, it's sounding fairly similar to when he last came down with pneumonia.
So, both of the boys are sleeping in their own room this eve, and I'm still trying to get our organized, as theirs was my main priority today.
I'm eating popcorn, feeling kind of bored, and liking that feeling of nothing better to do.
Mr is sleeping, and has been since about 3 hours ago. Hopefully he'll get all the extra sleep he needs, and feels better in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

way to go Amber!

Anonymous said...

Well I see since the lazy post you have gotten things done.

Hope hubs feels mo betta.

Kitten said...

I wish I could fly you out to my home. I need help organizing!

Hepburn Hilton said...

I'm like you to. A clen freak, I didnæt realize it until I moved in with D last time around. He called me the