Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fire Evacuation Ares & Me

It's close, but we're still in the clear with no evac orders or warnings or anything. We're basically stuck at home, because once we leave we won't be able to get back. We can hit the Wal Mart on this side of the lake and the shops that are there, but we can't head into Kelowna at all because the Hwy is closed. We're now watching to see what comes of it, hoping it doesn't cross to our side of the hwy again. The fire in Glenrosa was just over 1 square mile (did the conversion from 300 Hectares) and the Rose Valley is just over 247 Acres (once again I did the conversion from 100 Hectares). I've been hearing stories of folks in Glenrosa who refused to leave their homes. Pray they stay safe, and pray for the hundreds of firefighters who've now reported for duty and are fighting both of these blazes. There is another fire burning in Fintry, which is further up the lake on this side where we used to own a plot of land at.
I got hardly any sleep lastnight, kept waking up, and I feel horrible today because of it.
I hope the weather co-operates and takes it easy on the fires today. Pray that the winds stay calm.

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Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hope things work out. Nature can be evil at times. We have a mutual friend in Montana. Take care.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Amber and Fam headed out to her grandmas up north. They is safe and sound.
says, amber's mummie.

Jack said...

Scary! Welcome home huh Amber?!
Take care of you and yours.

Jack said...

I've been keeping an eye on the news for fire updates in your area. Just heard that the fire may have been deliberately set... is this true? If so, SHAME ON THEM!

Hope you and yours are well and safe Amber :)

Nietha said...

looking forward to an update!