Saturday, December 06, 2008

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

"I believe in something
I don't want to remember falling
For their lies"
Our Lady Peace - One Man Army

Had a girls night out last night, and wow do I hurt this morning. I danced the night away, and had a fantastic time. I'm in need of a shower cause I feel all grimy now though, as does happen when you get a workout like that. My thighs are so sore, and I think I may have gotten a couple of blisters on my feet. Yeowch. All in good fun I suppose.

"Ridin high I got tears in my eyes
You know you got to go through hell
Before you get to heaven"
Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner

Hoping this weekend that I can get all of my envelopes addressed for the PTO fundraiser, and on Monday morning I can get the letter printed off at the school and sent out. Hoping. I can't seem to get a hold of the other committee members to give me a hand walking about the town to ask the local businesses, but maybe I haven't tried hard enough yet, we'll see. I feel marginally better (I was starting to feel pretty down on myself for not having done more) about what it is that I'm doing, how far we've come along, and how much I have planned. It appears I may just be shooting too high, but everyone's impressed, nonetheless. I've got a list of about 165 places to hit up for donations, and I'm considering doing a phone call to each and everyone, but that's a lot of quiet time to expect from H, lol, so it could be asking too much.

"It's just a minor thing
And I'm a minor king
He knows everything "
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Minor Thing

I need to make my Christmas cards and get those sent out, along with a couple of boxes for family back home. How do things sneak on me like this? All of a sudden I feel like everything needs to be done now. Does it happen like that for everyone? I think last year I had my cards made early and didn't really need to worry about it. Hmmm. Gotta finish putting up some outdoor decorations, and put the vase somewhere...just to get the dining area cleared out.
I've made a fantastic mess of my sewing things so far, only cause I've been a busy girl. I finished a tote bag for D's teacher, am planning on making a small duffel bag from this pattern that I found online, and a few hats for other family members. I really love how the internet makes it possible to find a pattern for practically anything without having to buy it. I got some bright colored Fleece from the fabric store last night, and some fusible webbing to get the Spartan pattern on the Duffel for the cousin who's attending Michigan State. I haven't decided what to make the boys yet. I actually do have two pairs (one for each of them) of PJ's ready to go that I've been working on since early fall that I could finish and wrap, I suppose that would be ok. I wouldn't mind making them some new hats, out of the bright colors as well, cause they suit it. Who knows, *shrug* I'll make up my mind eventually I suppose.

"Love is a man in a coat in the rain
Love's every little mistake that he's made
Love is the moment that he has to embrace
Love is the only mercy left"
Jann Arden - Love Is The Only Soldier

I wonder what I can convince the kids to get up to today...whatever it is I need to go take something so my legs and feet don't hurt so much. I wonder how I ever managed to do this on an almost nightly basis when I was younger...

3 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good weekend...I sure could use a "girls night out"...*sigh*...

And yes, I still can't believe THanksgiving has come and gone...It seems like I'm either sleeping thru the holidays or maybe im turning into a grinch?
Or other things have just been invading my mind lately....

Jodi said...

You know I never went out dancing in my whole life? I guess when I was in my early 20s we used to go to bars..not nightclubs.

Glad you had a great time though. We all need a girls night out every now and then!

Jaynie said...

I'm tired just from reading that.