Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Isn't It Funny...

Gearing up for a fantastic New Year's Eve party at our house. Cleaning tonight, picking my music and I end up selecting Much Dance 1997. Oh my, does that ever bring back memories. Mini-teen years listening to that stuff, glued to Much Music (Cnd version of MTV, better IMHO) watching various shows like Electric Circus and what-not. Picture me, in a long striped (horizontal even!) tight dress (OH god, they have it in the yearbook!) wearing a Santa hat at the school Christmas dance, breakin' it down to Hypnotized with a boy who was kind enough to ask me to the dance, and who would also turn out to be gay later on. I recall being so worried about him having a crush on me and me having to hurt his feelings because I didn't feel that way about him in return. I really only went with him because he had actually asked me.
Big things that year...that same evning I was at my friends' house having my hair done by her older sister who would (3 years later) turn up murdered, and would later that year stop talking to said friend because she broke into my house.
I never really thought of that album as a specific memory trigger, but boy oh boy my innocence sure took a hike after that album came out, and that was an album full of my generational angst and yearning.
Oh well, back to cleaning...

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