Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cards, Parties & My Mr.

Holy cow, it seems like just last week that I was celebrating my 800th post, and I'm already almost (897) at does that happen so quickly?
I've been a busy bee.

"There's a feelin' that
I get from nothin' else and there ain't nothin' in the world
That makes me go!"
Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock

I've almost completed my cards for the year, very cute, I must say. Usually I try and do each one differently, but this year I've decided to make them all the same. I've also finished this month's family letter and got the majority of them out in this mornings mail, only a few left overs because I didn't have their address handy when I did the envelopes, and because I hadn't finished making their cards. Crap, I just realized I forgot to put my return address on the envelopes I sent out this morning...

"Winter is here again oh lord,
Haven't been home in a year or more
I hope she holds on a little longer"
Journey - Wheel In the Sky

Called the Room Parent in charge of the Christmas Party for D's class, and am officially assigned to a Game for the party, and a search for child-care for the hour that it will take for me to be over there for H. I am making cards for his classmates as well. I know, I wonder why I keep volunteering myself to do these things, and the only reason I can come up with is that it's a great distraction (from feeling homesick) and it makes me feel good. So, I continue.
Finished addressing the envelopes for the Raffle stuff, made plans to pick up the letters from the other committee member who has it, and am planning on hitting the pavement tomorrow with H in search of donors who'd like their tax break this year. Hopefully all will go well.
Still need to make my gifts for family members that we'll be visiting later this month, and set aside some time to do my shopping for my other family members who sent money and charged me with their gift finding. I have it, I just haven't gone out and done it yet cause there aren't enough hours in the day this time of year. I found a whole extra box of decorations that I've forgotten to put up, so I'll get around to doing that as well. I need to make my outfit for the Mr.'s Christmas party, which he's changed his mind about about. I will post pictures, cause I know I look spectacular in red *wink wink*

"Yeah,It's better to burn out
Yeah, then fade away"
Def Leppard - Rock Of Ages

I'm amazed I haven't burned out yet, but rather, I feel more energized knowing I have a specific list that needs to be accomplished. Squeeze onto that list a quick tidy of the house, as it is a mess. I cracked down on the Mr to get him to put away the laundry that I washed but hadn't had the opportunity to put away yet, also got him to do the dishes, and tonight I'm hoping he can finish the decorations for me. Just gotta keep on that whip and all will be well on the home-front, though I do feel pity because I think my poor Mr. is sucking up any exhaustion I'm not feeling but surely ought to right now. He's an amazing man, for putting up with my constant lists of things to do and such little relax time, and still being at my beckon call when I need something and I'm buried beneath all my card making paraphernalia or PTO papers. I'm so lucky.

"Ya know I'm here to stay
Got you in a stranglehold baby
Ted Nugent - Stranglehold

Haha, that last quote makes me giggle at the implications...

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