Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yesterday was a terribly long day. I spent the morning reading, and waiting for Hunter to wake up. I got myself ready, and went to my counseling appointment, and had what I felt to be, a very good session. Afternoon was ok I spose, I spent some time with D playing Zelda, and reading. Then I got him on the computer to watch a movie while I did the dishes and got dinner going.
That was it for my productivity, cause it sure wiped me out. I ate, and then just felt terrible for the rest of the night. Most likely because the drugs I had taken in the morning to get me through had worn off. So, I raged through a cold spell, and that lasted for the majority of the evening. Afterwards as I got ready for bed I drugged myself up, yet again, and it turned itself into a hot spell.
It's funny when one gets sick, they wonder how come the world doesn't stop with them. I wanted the doctors to come rushing, and an ambulance to see me, and everyone moping and moaning next to my bed. Hehehe, which they pretty much were, I'm glad it wasn't just me on my own, cause it would've sucked otherwise. :o)
I pigged out on fruit, and tea with honey, and hot water. Felt like I peed every 20 minutes.
Yesterday whatever I had was making my jaw and ears hurt, today it's my throat...but my ears are still crackling. I can feel all the junk that went down my throat during the night trying to be coughed out. Yuck.
I don't care for being sick, so hopefully this is the worst of the school-sicknesses.
We got a letter home from the school saying they'd found a case of Chicken Pox already! Scary.
I don't believe I've had a Dr. diagnose chicken pox, I'd hafta read back through my blogs. We've had D come up with several things that look like it, but I can't remember clearly.
Anyhow, I'm gonna go curl up with my book, am reading my way through The Half Blood Prince in preparation of The Deathly Hallows.
I don't feel as tired as I did yesterday, which is nice, I can definitely do without the exhaustion part. Being sick sucks.

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certifiableinohio said...

Misery loves although I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well, I'm glad you had others around for company!