Monday, September 03, 2007

Oh My God...Stop, Time!

I don't want it to be his first day tomorrow.
I'm not ready...I haven't even washed the new clothes for school, which I'll hafta do tonight. I don't know if I'll need to pack a snack or anything...I'm just not ready.
I was so sick after we got home from Gramma's today...I got glued to the toilet, and I felt like spewing chunks everywhere. not cool. I ended up buying Pepto to function.
Oy...tommorrow's coming too soon!
Emptied both cars out when we got home, and now I have a mountain of stuff to sort out and put away. Again.
Got laundry to do, preparations to make.
Hunter's figured out how to get our Pantry door opened, so I need to go and buy a handle cover for it. darn.
Got two boxes out to Jill on Friday, which was nice, so hopefully I can send out the next two on Friday again after Chance gets paid, provided I'm allowed to. The only reason why I sent these two out was because I earned the money to send them out.
I'm still feeling yucky, but I can manage now that I'm not back and forth.
I've got a bunch of pictures to both print and post on Flickr and Facebook. Got some good shots
of the boys and Chance...still workin on filling picture frames and hanging them around the house.
Got the Washer and Dryer in before we left, just don't know if they're hooked up and ready to go...I'll hafta check so I can do the laundry.
We went to the Drive0In Friday night and seen Transformers and Bourne Ultimatum, and then we left around noon on Saturday for Gramma's. Had fun out there, and though Chance didn't catch any fish, we still managed to have a good time.
Until today, that is...when the cloud of negativity that's been hovering all week really crashed once again. Never really seems to leave, that darned cloud.
I'm tired of talking.

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certifiableinohio said...

I gave Jull a list of community resources that can help with things for the baby...and her Help Me Grow caseworker should be able to give her additional resources.

certifiableinohio said...

d'oh! Jill, not Jull...