Thursday, September 06, 2007


I had a terrible sleep last night, and feel today as if I've been a punching bag overnight. It's amazing what can happen to the body (when your older at least) when you don't sleep. I must've woken up every hour at least, if not twice each hour. I had a horrible nightmare that was so vivid I couldn't tell if it was real or if I was dreaming when i woke up.
I remember crying myself back to sleep (the better part of 20 minutes). Whatever all the fuss was about to have the dream in the first place must've been forgotten, or unnoticed by me because I remember being happy to finally hit the hay.
Was horrible, and has left a shadow over my day, even though I'm trying not to dwell on it.
Darius took the bus to school all on his own today (I didn't drive down to meet him), and am waiting to pick him up as well.
Got my hair cut yesterday, back to the nice layered look I had it before, not the silly bob.
Did I mention we scored free breakfast yesterday at the wellness center? I don't remember what I blog about, and I usually don't go and read back either. Oh well.
Today we're going to baby group, first time since I dropped off Ni from her visit I believe.
I wanted to do some sewing today, but it's looking more as though if I'm to get it accomplished I need to do my cutting and piecing at night, and sewing during the days while D is at school. I'll get the hang of this yet.
Hunter learned the sign for Hat.

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