Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Almost Done

That huge list of stuff I had planned to do whilst Kim and mom were away is almost complete.
Thanks in large part, to having Chance around. He chose to stay home from work and give me a hand in what would have otherwise been an immensely daunting task.
Just a few small tidbits now remain, and I'm happy that every thing's done, because that leaves me with just sewing to accomplish as planned.
I'm a bit concerned at current relationship issues, but won't elaborate here.
New Washer and Dryer work nicely, and both seem to run fairly quietly, which is pleasing.
I have yet to call Dwayne to ask for my pay, which i should do.
I still need to send a few more boxes out to Jill, I've only got three left. Hopefully after that my addiction to helping those in need will dissipate.
Life in general seems to be troubling me, but as I've not made the time to figure out what it is exactly, I shall have to wait and see what becomes of it all.
Tommorow D takes the bus to school all on his own.
I inquired about the P.A.C. and they said I'd be a real help as they've only got 2 consistent P.A.C. members as of now. Hmm...always nice to have the extra motivation. The principal expressed his impressions of me being a very involved parent by coming to the school twice today (once to show D where to go after getting off the bus in the morning, and once after school got out to make sure he knew to get back onto the bus) and inquiring about the P.A.C on the second day of school. :o) He said they could really use new members for school field trips and the school's Hot Lunch program.
Anyhow, back to the daily duties.

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