Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh My.
Dude...I paid 45 dollars for my latest prescription for anti-depressants. Seriously, that's an outrageous price.
I'm sick, and all I feel like eating is fruit.
Had the chriopractors appointment today, which was nice. Got the full treatment, lower, middle, and upper back plus my neck.
Went to baby group, came home and had a nap.
Was feeling crappy this morning, but it was worsened by my nap with Hunter this afternoon and now I feel terrible.
Made an appointment with a counselor for tomorrow for myself, Chance's is on Thursday, and Friday is a couple's session. Hopefully some conflicts will be resolved that we haven't been able to do on our own.
I feel saturated in negativity.
Lastnight while in bed I felt something move down my arm (beneath the skin) and stop midway between my elbow and wrist. I lost circulation to my hand (kept going tingly), and when I got up cause it was bothering me, I looked at it and it was a bluey-greeny-greyish colour, much different from my other arm, and you could see my hand was kinda puffy. I panicked thinking it had something to do with my medication, but after research found it wasn't a side effect. Later on, I eventually felt it move up past my shoulder and go away completely, but it was still kinda freaky.
Am gonna hafta set aside some time to make another visit to the Dr.'s and find out what on earth that was all about. Even if it was something major, I shouldn't be able to feel it, right??

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