Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm hoping to get some costumes thrown together now that D is in school full time.
D is complaining that he doesn't like going all day, cause he says he misses me.
Taking Hunter to the dentist tomorrow to have them check out what someone called a "eruption hematoma" just to make sure that that is what it is.
Made a mess of the clean house mom had today. She stayed home from work today and had it nice and tidy, then I pulled out all the fabric boxes and we sorted them, and made a big stinkin mess. hehehe.
I'm disappointed in myself.
Phoned poison control today cause was afraid Hunter had swallowed a bunch of diaper rash cream, but isn't the case.
Went to a diabetes support group tonight, which was informative.
Am hoping to get some stuff cut out tonight to start sewing this week.
Chance is talking about going to Gramma's this weekend.
Wonder what we can do...

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