Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just Right

You know, it didn't take me long once I started, but I finished Harry Potter in just about 28 hours.
Spent my weekend doing just what I wanted to do, which was relax, and take a mental breather.
Darius starts full days at Kindergarten this week.
I'm still sick, but it's just a congestion thing now, which is nice.
Hunter has a big black mass in his mouth on his gum, and the Dr. said it was just from him teething, which I think is a load of shit. If I can, tomorrow I'm gonna take him back in to our Dr.
Woke up to a mainly clean house (though some stuff was just shoved to the side, and shifted, it was clean) which was nice. Two days in a row of sleeping in, amazing.
It's really just a way to avoid everything that's going on, that's going to happen.
I arranged counseling services for us, in the hopes of figuring something out, and after our individual sessions, the counselor had an emergency come up and had to cancel, and isn't in this week. Which puts me in a jam. That leaves me on my own again, to explain to the brick wall what I'm thinking and feeling, only to have it bounced off of.
There's never any leeway, never any compromise, just one or the other.

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