Monday, September 10, 2007

Another Monday, underway.
Went to the school today to discuss Friday afternoon's incident on the bus. Darius was telling us how his day went and who he was playing with and such. He mentioned after gentle inquiry that he had been playing with a boy, and had attempted to pull his pants down (I'm assuming because he wanted to embarrass him because we do that at home), and that he had also been "licking tongues" with the other boy. It kinda bothered me, and after thinking about it for a while, went back and questioned him further. I found out that D was the instigator and that the other boy didn't stop him from "licking tongues", but that they both thought it was really funny.
So, my main concerns were that if an adult did this, would they stop an adult? A bit concerning is that neither thought it was inappropriate.
It doesn't bother me that they did it, I understand they were exploring, and they were just being kids. It makes me proud that he's much more affectionate than most other kids I see, and I hope that doesn't stop. On the other hand I don't want him to be that affectionate with just anyone, because that could leave the door open for the wrong people to take advantage.
In any event, I spoke with the teacher, and she said she'd be happy to incorporate "body awareness" (in terms of how far affection should go) at the end of the month with the kids to tie into the rest of that week's curriculum of "How My Body Works" stuff.
I feel better, and am glad the teacher is so approachable with issues like this. It's a very positive thing when you don't have to dread bringing up issues with those who spend the day with your child.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you did a wonderful job addressing your concerns without making D feel shame or that he was "being bad," because if it happends later, you want him to feel comfortable coming to you or his dad or another adult if someone tries to take advantage...there are too many really bad people in society waiting to take advantage of innocent children. kudos to the teacher for being open and receptive to parent concerns and incorporating those in a constructive way for the children.

Nietha said...

Sounds like a decent teacher so far.