Sunday, September 09, 2007

I meant Haha because they spooked Chance when they came in because he happened to be chasing D round and he didn't here them come in until they were all the way in.
Anyhow, today I cleaned the cars out...I vacuumed, and emptied out garbage, and re-arranged and the like. Was nice.
This week I'll be without as vehicle and mom as well. Chance'll be taking my car to work with Art, and mom's insurance is out until Friday. SO, I won't be going to baby group, but I will be going to the chiropractor on Tuesday, which i guess it ok. Friday as well we'll be making banana bread with the baby group people, just don't know where yet, and when I do find out where then I'll be able to arrange for a ride with someone else.
Anyhow, we're getting used to this new school schedule, I get up round 6:30, get showered and make D's breakfast, then wake up D and get him ready for the day. After we brush his teeth and wash his face, we head out the door for the school bus.
Hunter's been napping just before big brother gets home, but this week since I'll be on my own with them, he'll hafta wait until big brother gets home.
Thing's will work better once big brother is away all day as well. This Friday is their first Pro D day, and the boys will be joining me for banana bread I spose.
Nothing major planned for this week yet, but we'll see once it gets underway.

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