Saturday, June 27, 2009

Street Fair

We went to the closest little town yesterday, and found that there was a street fair planned for last eve and tonight. We headed out, of course, to give it a try. It was held on an old school ground(meaning they closed the school, but used it something else & kept the playground). We wandered around, letting D try what he wanted to, before giving our hands at the games they had. The first two he tried were the midway kind, which meant that they cost an arm and a leg and had cheap, dinky, useless toys as prizes. After we gave up on those, we moved on, and found the local games. Simply built, and run by the local senior citizens, each cost only a quarter, and had fabulous prizes (if only donated nearly new stuffed animals) ranging in all sizes. Well, D found what he wanted to spend all of our money on. 5 dollars later, and this collection of stuffed animals. We could barely carry them all, because they swamped the poor stroller. We began to wander, checkin out their stalls, and we found a few small things to buy, and more games for D to excel at. I rather enjoyed this small street fair that was run by the locals. It wasn't nearly as busy as the bigger county fairs, and the like, so it was really pleasant.
They had some good live music playing. The first band was playing lots of 80's/90's rock tunes. The really surprising part, came as I looked over to watch during a rendition of Sweet Child O Mine, was that the lead singer couldn't be more than 13, like the rest of his band. He nailed each note int he song. Wow.
The second band played more popular 70's/80's hits, and did a real great job as well. They looked like they were having fun too.
All in all, a pleasant experience, and calming, for the most part.

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Hepburn Hilton said...

Sounds like a great time! Street fares are fun, especially for the kids. I'm sure your boys had the best frieday night ever :) And I can just picture him being excited about all the stuffed animals!

Nietha said...

Cool, that sounds like an awesome family day out