Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spoiler Alert: Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen


Went to see the new Transformers movie lastnight. I'm one of those midnight showings kinda gal. If it's something I know I'll like, I'm there opening night.
We left and got there with perfect timing. We walked inside, got our pre-paid tickets, and no sooner did we get to the line, then they called our theater # and we went in. We sat in the second to last row (not my choice, but good enough I suppose), and proceeded to watch the crowds flow in.
We snuck in our candy (they wanted $3.50 per box at the theater, ouch!), and bought some popcorn (of which I refuse to do a movie without). We waited for about an hour before the movie started, but it wasn't so bad. Chatted with a few ppl we knew, and with the friend we brought with us. Was very entertaining, as it's been a while since I chatted with anyone other than family.
Darius pitched a fit because we weren't bringing him with us, but that had a lot of other contributing factors to it. We were in the theater both with the intentions of catching something we both really wanted to see, and to preview it to see whether or not we wanted to take D to it.
I've found that the theater we go to doesn't advertise why the rating is the way it is, so the PG-13 didn't really tell me why it was PG-13. I'm grateful we didn't take him, because they dropped the P-bomb with a couple of smaller transformers talkin smack to each other. Not to mention the Horny Chihuahua or the "Green" Brownies. All of those scenes were really entertaining as an adult, but not for my 7 year old.
The plot I found to be a bit far fetched, but I'm not one who's watched the series or anything previous. I didn't buy the decipticon's ability to transform into a human being, I found that that really threw me for a loop because all they've been able to do previously was machines. If they could do human beings, why bother doing a big attack, why not just infiltrate or something?? It just seemed to be reaching to fit the plot a bit much.
I liked how it was mingled into our geography, but I found it confusing that these things were supposed to be active previous to the first movie. It just gets confusing when they do things outside of the first movie plot, and don't go into an explaination, I find.
The movie was rediculously full of explosions, and it was mind boggling that the main characters didn't sport more injuries than they did, but it was still very entertaining.
I loved that they brought back John Turturro's character, and the vast range of familiar faces that were also used in the first installment. It was nice to see that even the smaller characters or extras were the same as in the first (yes, I've watched the first that many times to know), because I enjoy consistency, it's easier to believe.
I must admit it was probably difficult to live up to the first's soundtrack, but this one seemed to really pale in comparasion, and it was rather disappointing. There's only so many times you can use that "OMG that's so cool" sequence when showing a fav character, and I think they over-did it. There's so many great songs out there, that restricting themselves to new hits really burnt their ability to get a great soundtrack.

All in all, I enjoyed myself, but I think they could've improved their soundtrack to make it more enjoyable.
I read this mornings paper, and this review was far from my own opinion. I just hope people make up their own minds about it, and enjoy it either way. I definitely don't think that it was a waste of money, it was well worth every dollar.

2 thoughtful remarks:

the girl in stiletto said...

it was definitely worth the money! i went to watch the movie with baby bro and he loved it! he kept on saying that he should stay with me in dublin instead of following my parents back home. lol. that kid is funny. :P

Autumn said...

glad to know on the P-bomb. my boys will likely wanna see it. sounds very disappointing indeed. humans? really? bizarre. i enjoyed the first one...perhaps i'll stick with that.