Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Thought For The Day

Web hopping today. Came across this cool slide show about Hot Canadians on TV.
Was interesting, and surprising, and a lot of them are new to me, as I haven't watched prime time TV in ages. Very informative, and enjoyable.
I'm still in lastnight's PJ's, which happen to be the clothes I wore yesterday...I'm so gross.
I think, now that I've admitted that, I'm going to go shower and put on some fresh PJ's.
8 days until we leave Ohio...

4 thoughtful remarks:

Kitten said...

I'll admit that sometimes I'll wear the same PJs for a couple of days as well, and then a shower never feels so good.

skywind said...

Oh, hoped that you are joyful. : )
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Amarie said...

That sounds like me on any given day when I don't have to work lol.

Andhari said...

I don't know some o them too but maybe because I'm halfway across the world.:P

Nothing better than cillin inPJ's and just nap :)