Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well, I'm at a loss...

Oh god, where do I begin?
I got up early this morning, showered, got the boys up and dressed, shooed them on downstairs to eat and get out the door. Had speech therapy with Hunter, Darius had to go to school, Chance had to work.
Took Hunter, Ronnie took Darius to school, Chance went to work.
Speech therapy went well and the speech therapist can now attest to how difficult it can be to go against the wishes of my little charmer.
Went to breakfast and Medina afterwards to see if we could get a frame for some artwork Darius had done with the Wild West Camp from the beginning of our summer.

"And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus
Leaving Levon far behind
Take a balloon and go sailing
While Levon, Levon slowly dies"
Elton John - Levon

How am I supposed to make my days normal? What did I do before to just jump start myself?
I had to explain to my other half that when one person slacks it's their job to pick it up so there's no short-comings anywhere.

"I got those, NDN blue again..."
George Leach - NDN Blues

While preparing to make dinner, Darius confided that he was kissed by the girl he had his eye on in his class today. I felt horrible that I hadn't even asked, though I've been asking ever since he told me she was thinking about doing it.
I want to celebrate, he's grown up a little bit today, and he's lost a little bit of innocence.
I know it couldn't be prevented, but I feel so sad for him, and I hope he remembers this.

"She's says it only in my head
She's says Shh,
I know it's only in my head
Counting Crows - Round Here

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