Sunday, September 28, 2008

K-Town news

Reading the news from back home, I came across a story entitled Dining-In Is Taking Off As A Trend on CTV. I thought it was a good article, basic in structure, things I already knew, but when I read at the end they had cooking classes, it never occurred to me that there were people out there who couldn't cook even though they were living on their own. I thought it was a brilliant idea, as the thought sunk in, and I even came up with a few people who would definitely benefit from such things.

Also, an article on Castanet showed that the R.C.ftA. is going to do a show in Oct. with something to do with a "Burn Zone" in Okanagan Mountain Park. An Okanagan Photographer took a series of photos in the area during the Parks rehabilitaion from the 2003 fire that left such a big scar on the land. I so wish I could go and view the exhibit.

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Nietha said...

haha, you didn't think of ME? I can't cook and live on my own =)