Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hunter's New Shoes

While here, mom bought Hunter some new shoes from Wal Mart. Hunter picked them out all by himself, don't know why, but he picked Thomas the Tank Engine (train, george carlin, ya know) shoes. The ones he had had on, on the way into the store (OMG that's the funniest sentence ever!) were too tight and he didn't want them on, but my rule about being in public is that shoes are neccesary if he's going to walk, we took him to the shoe department and he beelined for these ones. Now, he wears them around the house (even puts them on on his own) and struts whilst stomping (to mkae them light up) and watches his feet wherever he goes. He loves his new shoes, and suprisingly still hasn't gotten over the novelty of them. I have a tough time getting any other shoes on those feet when we go out. I'm tempted to go buy a back-up in case these one stop lighting up.

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