Monday, September 01, 2008

I have 796 blog posts on this site. Cool
It's been a busy week, Cedar Point, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Dinners out, Shopping, and all around just being buys.
The boys got their turn at doing things on their own together without the kids, I'm hoping this week will be me and mom's turn.
I want to make a few things to send back home for Niamh's birthday, cause I don't remember if I made something last year or not.
I got up this morning and put all our laundry away upstairs, now am washing the dirty. I made breakfast, which was good, and am now eating stale popcorn from lastnight. It tastes better now than it did then. hmm...
I've been reading this other blog Fond of Snape of late, and find it really entertaining. The lady who does it takes some really terrific photographs and has some interesting insight's, not to mention a really cool tattoo.
Went for an evening stroll with everyone lastnight, just a real quick around the block kinda thing.
There's a PTO meeting this week that I plan to attend, as well I need to contact both the library and Hospice to let them know that I'm still interested in volunteering with them.
I want so badly to just make a bunch of stuff for Hunter to get him going on his learning experience. I made flashcard for Dairus, and I still do plan on making a bunch for Hunter as well. Family flashcards, word flashcards, letter flashcards. yadah Yadah. I'm so excited for Darius to finally begin school, and the opportunity to finally begin working one on one with Hunte more.
Went shopping last night with mom, and she was nice and bought Chance & I each a shirt with the Cleveland Indians logo on it in preperation for Wednesday's game. She also bought Hunter his first Potty. He was so happy to sit on it lastnight, he kept looking round at everyone in was very cute. I'll get pictures of it soon ebnough I assume.
With all of the visiting I forgot about my video-blogging attempts. I'll get back round to it I assume.

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