Saturday, September 13, 2008

Newest Lingo

It's so difficult to discern whether or not I'm imagining things when Hunter talks. I've become accustomed to asking whomever is nearest to me if they heard what he said, to confirm whether I actually heard him say a specific word. LOL Like, I'm imagining him talking and inviting ppl into my make-believe world.
This morning he said Thank You (or at least mumbled like it) when I set him down after carrying him downstairs.
Yesterday he sprouted out with BAR! (A breakfast bar, the chewy kind) He's discovered he can be demanding, if he changes his tone, and get what he wants.
He said blue (or booo) when he picked up a blue block, but then called every block after that blue too, but it was more of a question, like, I know this is a color, and I know it's not blue, what is it?

Darius reads at the 4th highest rate in his class (so Chance found out). We've begun working on his writing each day. I'm trying to teach him to write out his full name, differentiate between first and last, and to write out his address. Eventually we'll get around to teaching him his phone number. He used to have it memorized in Kelowna, but here he has to remember 10 digits as you need an area code whenever you dial.

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Your kids sound sweet.