Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Football Season Began

Today was kinda busy...agh.
I'm tired.
Took Darius to school, and then ran back again with Hunter to drop off a warmer sweater for him (I would've foregone it completely, but I promised him so I did it anyways even though I knew he would already be inside) with Hunter in tow. Spent my morning watching movies trying to avoid getting ready for my day.
Got showered, dropped off a copy of those wonderful denial letters to my attorney and then made my way to R&D's to help clean, but had such a struggle with Hunter over naps I didn't accomplish a whole lot. She was kind and made us dinner, which was nice.
We headed into town for the first Flag Football Practice for Darius. He was excited because his classmate McGuire was in it, and as it so happened, his dad was also our coach. Pictures, and video at Flickr.
I really enjoyed myself watching all of the boys learning how to play football, each one bragging in turn about what their fathers had taught them about football. They really seemed to enjoy themselves, and since it was only a practice game I held my cheers to myself.
We played on the School playground for a bit afterwards, then came home, and for once everything was calm. Until Chance got home, then everyone got hyped up again. *sigh*
Chance had his first Committee meeting for the Cub Scouts this evening as well, so he had to cut out halfway through the Flag Football to make it.
I'm tired...maybe I'll just go to bed.

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