Monday, September 29, 2008

Hmmm, Hunter

I wanted to blog something in specific, but I can't member what it was, so I'll do a quick little update.
Darius is upset over the weekends because he doesn't get to go to school...I wonder how long that'll last.
Hunter has started being independent, getting his clothes on with a minimal of help, and he even gets his shoes on now on his own, sometimes on the wrong foot mind you, but still.
He's got lots of new words, hello mom, hey you, why, fly, bee, zoom, bus, bye-bye (instead of just one bye), hot, Nana, Hai-Ya (karate chop), owie, and he's also started extending his sign-language use to include lamp and airplane, and few other difficult ones that he didn't use before he started talking.
I need to go looking for some new picture frames...I'm thinkin next time I get my hands on some money I'm gonna hafta get some to go on the staircase.
The kids are happy these days, still a little bored with how much time we've been spending inside, since our playgroups stopped we haven't spent as much time outside walking. I've been trying to go at least once a month walking, cause I know soon the weather won't co-operate with me and I'll hafta get the boys walking on their own.
I need to go to the library today, as well as pick up the picture CD from the portrait place, and take D to the chiropractor. Busy busy...

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