Saturday, August 21, 2004

What a NIght

Well, spent my day at work as usual.
Had to phone home before I left Sylvia's, to make sure that chance hadn't phoned, cause the phoned had rang a few times during the day. He says that someone had called from GG's, and they said that they needed my SIN for my last cheque. *rolls eyes* I was so sure that Shelly was gonna try and fuck me outta my last pay...but, when I got there, just gave her my SIN and left. Who gives a fuck why she needed it, just gimme my money and I'll leave you alone.
She docked me 20 bux cause I had her pay for my gas a while back, but I don't care.
Decided to stop at my friend Cathy's house on my way home, and low-and-behold, she needed help with some cleaning. I owed her a couple of favours, so I stayed and helped her clean a bit. She paid me 20 bux for 2 hours. Was all good. She offered me dinner and a beer, so I accepted.
I stayed out, ate dinner there and had a couple of beers with her, when all of a sudden Chance phones me and says that Crystal (Art's drug addict daughter) needs a ride home.
So, I was a little ticked off that my night of visiting and having a good time (I figured it was my night since Chance has had three nights this week) was interrupted. So i went to the meeting place and bumped into an old friend. Visited with him while waiting fro Crystal, and sheesh man...I waited for a half an hour.
What a joke. What I would give for the ability to just shake some sense into her, and Art both. Art needs to be a real fucking father and put some responsibility to his own kids, and for Crystal to take some responsibility in her own life, and not let her childhood fuck up what she's got left.
The future is malleable, and yu can do whatever you want with it, it just depends on if you have the will and the motivation.

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