Saturday, August 07, 2004

And Life Goes On

Well, I gave my two weeks' notice for Ginger's Girls.
I'm sick of cleaning, and of holding a job that's not going to take me anywhere's, anytime soon. Maybe I'll go back, if I need to.
Shelly actually asked me if I was leaving my regular clients too. Duh?
I also got a $1.00 raise from Sylvia, I believe that's 3 raises in the last 6 months. damn I'm good. :o) I'm now making 15 dollars an hour with her.
I splurged these past two days. Had a chunk of change in my wallet just beggin to be spent. I've also decided to take a vacation. We're headed to Golden, while mom and Kimmie are headed to Van to visit with everyone. I'm giving myself the ultimate treatment tonight because I bought some lil packets from Wal-Mart...Face Mask, Foot Bath, Leg Wrap, Chest Wrap, Hair Treatment...and I'm going to...SHAVE! *gasp*
I haven't shaved since...oh, mebbe 3 or 4 weeks ago. I'm a hairy mo-fo.
I guess, all in all, I'm not doing too bad. Still trying to get my body to get out of stress-mode. Slowly but surely, and one day at a time.

3 thoughtful remarks:

ama said...

Hope the trip to Golden rejuvenates the three of you...

Nietha said...

lol "hairy mo-fo" Have fun in Golden, take pics! Still gotta come down here sometime. =P

Cassidy said...

Good on ya girl!! Call me when you get home please.