Friday, August 13, 2004

My First...

Grey hair...I know, for a fact one will pop up SOMEwhere after yesterday.
So, I was outside on the phone with Steven lastnight, trying to find out when Mom and Kimmie would be home when Chance called me, so I hung up, and ran in the house.
I guess I let D slip by me inside with a stick, and he and Chance were running around with it, when D tripped with it in his hand. He fell on it of course, and it cut just under his eye. When I came in, and went to pick him up, he was mid scream, and holding his breath. I scooped him up, and he still hadn't taken a breath. I swooped him over to the freezer so I could get a better look, and he still hadn't taken a breath.
So, I told Chance to get the phone, and I started trying to get D to breath. Chance phoned 911, and then rushed over, and before I could get right up (I had already blew at his mouth), he blew into D's mouth, and he passed out.
He comes to a couple of seconds later, and just starts wailing, and I take him to the couch, and try and calm him down, and stop the bleeding.
Thankfully, it didn't bleed too much, and the people on 911 sent us an ambulance.
Ambulance ppl get here, and by this time, he had calmed down enough to sit calmly and watch Shrek. He sees them come in, and immediately says "Baby, Boo-Boo"
So, they check him out, and he's all good. They cleaned it up, and put some special medi-strips on to hold it together, and start the paperwork.
One of the guys went out to the Ambulance, because I guess they give kids teddy bears when they pay them a visit. Well, they had run out, so he comes in with a glove, and blows it up, then proceeds to draw a face and such on it for him.
I got a good chuckle outta this because he was a big guy, tall and broad. It struck me as funny for him to be so, thoughtful as to draw a face, with hair on the fingers.
Well, after all the excitement, I really couldn't bring myself to let go of him, so I sent Chance to go get dinner from Subway, and we ate, then got baby into the bath, cause we had just gotten back from the pool when all this happened, and got him to bed.
Thankfully, it should heal within the next couple of days, but I'm certainly gonna make sure I start putting some ointment on it to help with the scarring, I wouldn't want to mar his beautiful face. :o]

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