Wednesday, August 11, 2004


We went to Little Fort for a night or so. :o]
I spent Sunday after work organizing the place cause it looked awful with all our crap crammed in here. It actually looks nice again, and the re-organizing I did did wonders. Still not done yet, but we shall see what I can get done here within the next couple of days.
Woke up Monday and decided that I wanted to hit up the Waterslides in Kamloops, so that's what we had planned.
I also wanted to go and visit Crystal (Art's daughter) who happens to be in the hospital again. Apparently she's been shooting up (the track marks were rather evident), and the drug impurities produced a blockage/build-up in her kidney's, and so she's in the hospital recovering. The Doc's warned her that if she did any more drugs, that they could kill her. Wonder if she'll shape up or not.
So, anywho, Monday we drove out to Kamloops, and we left round 11:30 or so and decided to take Westside road. Man, I was reading after I was sure D had fallen asleep, and I felt sick and couldn't figure out why. Duh...I was getting a touch of motion sickness, and I couldn't read while we were moving for fear of vomiting. As it was I had to have Chance pull over once so I could get some fresh air.
So, when we got to Kamloops, and I figured out their stupid hospital, we found out that their visiting hours were from 3-8, and we got there round 2. So, we had an ahour to kill, and we decided to go for a walk at Riverside park. When we got there, we discovered that they had a children's waterpark. We let D play for about 45 min's, and then headed back to the hospital.
We only visited for about a half hour, and then we went to the Waterslides, cause by the time we got there it was about quarter after 4. We got a special "twilight" rate though, so it was cool. I was rather surprised to find that they were rather puny. Two kiddie slides, four regular slides, and two speed slides that were closed down. So, one of the regular slides was "sitting up only", so we took D down that one a couple of times. He had fun. I was rather cheesed off because we had stopped to grab a snack, and I ordered a bunch of stuff, which they didn't give me a tray. When I carried the stuff to the table, I dropped my hot dog and the fuckers charged me for it. Then I found out that they had trays, and the dumb bitch behind the counter didn't even offer me one, which I assumed was something that should've been done.
After we left the waterslides, we went back through town in search for Curtis, whom we had found out, got a place with a few friends. They didn't have a phone, so I had to make a couple of phone calls, and get proper directions to his place. Well, with all the trouble we went through, the lil bugger wasn't home. *sigh*
So, we continued to Gramma's house...and when we got there, Gramma was the only one there. Everyone had gone fishin. Everyone being Jo-Ann, her friend Crystal, Jr., Ralph, and Travis.
So, we visited a bit, then got D off to bed. When everyone got back, they started a fire...and I'm so ashamed, they used gasoline. Well, even with gasoline, they couldn't get it I showed em how it was done. So, we had a bonfire two nights in a row. The Tuesday we went to Dunn Lake and that was real fun. Crystal clear lake, and it was actually fairly warm too.
I got swimmers' itch :( Bad. :o(
Today I let Chance get up with baby, and I slept in. When I got up, Gramma had made pancakes for breakfast, and I had a couple with her homemade syrup and homemade goose berry syrup. MMM...
We had Sweet 'N' Sour Pork ribs for dinner lastnight...god, I love Gramma's cookin.
Darius bit me hard lastnight cause he was tired, and hungry, and I told him no, he couldn't take Travis' toys outside. Chomped so hard on my shoulder that he actually broke the skin. Rather surprised at that.
So, while we were out there, I got a message that my job site with GG was cancelled for Thrusday. I personally think she's just sending someone new there. Whatever, I don't hafta work until Friday.
Time to get a few errands goes on.

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