Thursday, August 26, 2004


I guess I'm bound to get a day like this every week.
I was making dinner lastnight, and my friend Deb phoned me. She's left town today, and wanted me to go and help her pack, and get in one last visit.
Well, when I went over there, after leaving Chance to go play cards with the guys, and dropping mom off at the Casino. We left Marty and Niamh at home to watch D. I was under the impression that Chance was going to be home earlier than I was. When I got there, Deb was rather under the weather and had asked me to stay the night with her. I said ok, then went to tell Chance my plans at the office.
I got there, and was a little surprised to see that our old neighbour Jaquiline(sp?) was there. I was on the verge of asking what the hell she was doing there (because to my knowledge, Chance was the only one who knew her), when I decided it would be better to keep my mouth shut. Chance explained a few moments later, that she had met Shane (his friend) at a softball game a while ago. Relief, but I only suffered a moment of panic.
So, he says it's all good, and I got the impression that he'd be home early, so that Marty and Ni were't left stranded with baby. Went and had mom drive me back to Deb's cause I had her car. And visited for about another hour before we headed to bed. we fell asleep and I wok eup to the phone ringing that someone was at the front buzzer of her apartment.
Chance showed up at 1am. Drunk. So, guess who had to get out of bed and drive him home?
That's right...twice this week my plans have been interrupted by him. I'm not at all happy about that because I never bother him when he's with HIS friends. It's only fair.
So, we get home, and D is awake and watching Monsters Inc. on the TV, and Ni is asleep next to him. Marty's cheesed off that we're so late, and D won't go back to sleep.
N/m the fact that every move anyone makes wakes D up. GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRR.
So, i'm working on getting D to sleep, and Chance has other things on his mind. *sigh* Bad timing.
D didn't go back to sleep until almost 3am.
I had told Deb that I'd be by no later than 6:30. She phoned me at 6:40 to see if i was still coming...woke me up, thank goodness. SO, I got dressed, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and left. No one was awake when I left.
Got there, had a cup of coffee and a cigarette, and got to cleanin up what mess we had made the night before, and got her bags and boxes in order. Got her all loaded up, and left her with a big hug, some words of comfort, and a sad goodbye. Wish I had gotten to know her better, but am glad that I've made another wonderful friend whom I can write to.
So, I came home and D was awake, with his dirty diaper, sitting on the floor crying. Scooped him up, changed his bum, got him some warmed up pancakes from yesterday, got him dressed and got him out the door. Chance hadn't done anything since they woke up.
So, didn't get a whole lotta sleep lastnight.
Went to the bank, to get the rest of the daycare money, and dropped D off at daycare. Paid the lady, and reminded myself to get his schedual for next month.
Came home...and here I am.
I'm f*in hungry.
A little frustrated cause Chance is still in bed. I was so hoping that he'd have a hangover, just so I could jump on the bed and make him sick.
Now I hafta motivate him to clean the house with me, and get things moving round here.

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ama said...

"So, I came home and D was awake, with his dirty diaper, sitting on the floor crying." Okay, so what's up with this? Who was supposed to be watching my grandson? WAKE UP! Ama is not happy to be reading stuff like this! And what's up with out all night and the drinking? Partying ended when you became parents. You can't get those years back and you end up with regrets.