Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My World's On Fire

Did some baking today. Slept with D for an hour and a half. Been having trouble waking myself up all day long.
I made some muffins, and a loaf of quick bread for breakfast tommorow, and tossed together some muffin mix, and stored it away.
I do plan on making more muffins, so D can have a treat at Daycare tommorow. Am waiting on the bankcard that Ronnie sent me, hopefully it'll come tommorow in the mail.
Will be paying some of Daycare tommorow. :o] Get to see what he's like and such, hopefully bring up a few things with them, reminders and like.
Round 12:30 Chance phoned me and asked me to go and pick him up, so I went cause I had to drop off my invoice at Shelly's to ensure that I got my last pay. Should be ready on Friday, and will be phoning to check.
I plan on doing some visiting with a few friends tommorow, while D is at daycare, and maybe some more baking, we'll see how I feel.
Chance got paid from Art, and he says, what should I do with my hard earned money. I replied how about paying me back the 60 fee that I had to pay for your softball?
On second thought, it just occured to me that he has a 138 dollar speeding ticket that he could pay too, or his 70 dollar doctor bill. Hmm...
D shared an apple with me today, was sweet.

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Nietha said...

Make some bakin powder biscuits!